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Planning the Logistics cycle of Drugs and Hospital Supplies

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Alpha DRP Mat/Med is a logistics solution specialized in the planning and management of drugs and materials for hospital and outpatient networks, private or public sectors.

Alpha DRP Sistema MatMed

The Alpha DRP MatMed system line makes full control of Drugs and hospital supplies, ensuring 100% traceability throughout their entire cycle, from purchase to distribution to the units. It also has modules for the control of high-cost drugs, OPME’s (orthosis and prothesis), CME (sterilized material center) and consigned supplies.

Alpha DRP Mat/Med features

Distribution Resources Planning and Replenishment

Mat/Med supply can be complex, as it does not allow for disruptions, so an automated demand planning, combined with a tool that guarantees immediate resupply is essential.

Replacement parameters

With Alpha DRP MatMed, hospital can configure all the replacement parameters, thus ensuring the availability of drugs and hospitals materials that guarantee the care of patients in the health unit.

Purchasing and Suppliers

Alpha DRP Mat/Med’s historical and seasonal data enable the generation of purchasing suggestions, based on current and past demands, in addition to having integration with critical suppliers, streamlining the process.

Receipt of Mat/Med

Agility in receiving and total control of specifications, validation of purchase orders and XML import of invoices, making supplies available quickly and safely.

Inventory Control and Stock Taking

Complete module for stock taking of medicines and hospital supplies, with specific functionality for rotating and annual inventories.

Supplies Network distribution

Public or private health networks can centralize their purchases and operate, in a targeted way, the distribution and supply of their different units.

Special modules of the Alpha DRP Mat/Med system

The Mat/Med system also has specific modules, meeting the needs of each business:


Specialized module for the public sector


Integration with Alpha Health Clinics


Integration with Alpha Pharmacy


Public Procurement and Purchase Module


Integration-ready connectors for Salux, Protheus, SAP B1, TrackCare and LabTrak Systems

Alpha DRP - Sistema MatMed

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