System for Clinics

sistema para clínica

Complete management of patients, schedules, healthcare professionals and finances for clinics

//System for clinics

Alpha Health clinics is the system that supports the management of your clinic, from patient admission to discharge.

Log Planning’s clinical system manages private or public clinics, monitoring and controlling patient care, from admission to discharge/departure including single registration, scheduling appointments and exams, recording clinical and diagnostics, exam orders, electronic prescriptions, up to billing.

Alpha Health Clinics Starter

Your clinic can begin with our starter version. The main features and modules with the most affordable cost and quick deployment. Ask for your demo.

Professional management of your clinic with a system created by those who understand health.

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Benefits of the Alpha Health Clinics system

Quick Implementation

In up to 30 days, your team will have the alpha health clinics configured and in operation.

Cloud System

Forget about infrasctructure costs, we operate 100% in the cloud, accessed by internet.

Total Security

Data stored in the cloud is encrypted and backed up daily.

Data Protection

Alpha Health Clinics does not expose or share patient data, broadly complying with the General Data Protection Brazilian Law.

Maintenance and Updates

Alpha Health Clinics customers do not worry about maintenance, carried out by our team, and will always have the latest version of the system automatically.

Easy Learning

In the implementation process, our consultants train doctors and health professionals, in addition we provide manuals and tutorials for consultation.

Alpha Clinics Features


The alpha clinics system takes care of the entire scheduling process, from patient contact, allowing control of the schedule of doctors, professionals, resources, rooms and equipment.


Flexible schedule


Retroactive scheduling


Booking time


Sending confirmation to patients (SMS and E-mail)

Sistema para clínica - Agenda
sistema para clínica admissão

Patient Admission

The patient at Alpha Health Clinics has a single registration, keeping history and streamlining the admission process.


Simple and secure admission


Possibility of early admission


Patient history record

EMR – Electronic Medical Record

Alpha’s clinical management covers the needs of physicians and healthcare professionals in patient care, creating a trusted data and information environment for better diagnosis and treatment control.




Record and History of alert passages (allergies, elderly, adverse events)


Input of exam results (manual or PDF upload)


Lab Test Result History


Test Orders


Order prescription


Electronic signature

sistema para clínica - prontuário
sistema para clínica - faturamento

Billing Management

Special Commercial and Billing module for Private Patient and Insurance Plan Patients.


Private budget


Validity check


Control of different payment methods


Printed payment receipt


Management of Insurance Plans

Access and data security

In addition to the cloud environment that brings total security and reliability in the data transaction, Alpha Health Clinics allows the control of different levels of access and user passwords.


User registration


Different access profiles


Encrypted data


Full Brazilian Law Data Security accomplishment

Managerial Reports

The clinic manager has access to reports that facilitate control and decision making.


Reports by patients


Accounting reports


Consolidated reports of private patients

Request a demo of Alpha Health Clinics

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Alpha Health Clinics, for every need, a specific solution!

Depending on its structure or size, the clinic needs specific modules and functionalities, learn about the specific solutions of alpha health clinics.


Nursing record


Digital signature with Bird-ID integration


Modules for specialties (clinical hematology and blood bank)


Purchasing and inventory management


Issue of TISS Guide- demanded for Insurance Plans


XML generation for issuing Invoices


Integration with laboratory and imaging results systems

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